Homemade cannelloni Cannelloni filled with spinach & ricotta topped with napolitana sauce

Homemade beef lasagne topped with bolognese sauce

Add chicken to any pasta $3.90 / add king prawns $3.90

Your choice of pasta with any sauce

Spaghetti: $11.90
Penne: $11.90
Fettuccine: $12.90
Gnocchi: $12.90
Tortellini (veal): $13.90
Ravioli (spinach & ricotta): $13.90

Napolitana tomato salsa

Bolognese tomato salsa with minced beef

Alla Arabiatta tomato salsa with hot chili

Primavera tomato salsa with mushroom, capsicum, eggplant, olives & sun dried tomato

Matrigiana tomato salsa with ham & garlic

Bosciola cream sauce, bacon, mushroom, & parmesan cheese

Cabornara cream sauce, bacon, egg, & parmesan cheese

Al Fungi cream sauce with mushroom

Creamy Pesto cream sauce, pesto, & parmesan cheese

Romano tomato salsa & cream sauce (pink sauce)

Aglio Olio Garlic, herbs, chilli & olive oil

Marinara tomato salsa with mixed seafood (Add $4.90 to any pasta)