Main Meals / Seafood

Ship & Shore fillet steak topped with avocado, prawns & romano sauce with mixed vegetables & potato

Avocado Chicken chicken breast fillet topped with avocado & romano sauce with mixed vegetables & potato

Spinach & Ricotta Chicken chicken breast fillet stuffed with ricotta & spinach with mixed vegetables, potato & cream sauce

Fish (barramundi fillet) grilled or pan fried with mixed vegetables & potato with your choice of lemon butter or garlic butter

All main meals below served with your choice of chips & salad or mixed vegetables & potatoes

Your choice of;

Chicken $18.90    Veal $18.90   Fillet Steak $19.90
Chicken Schnitzel $19.90    Veal Schnitzel $19.90


Russo’s sauce cream cheese & shallot
Napolitana tomato salsa
Bosciola cream, mushroom & bacon
Romano tomato salsa & cream (pink sauce)
Primavera tomato salsa with mushroom, capsicum, eggplant, olives & sun dried tomato
Al Fungi cream & mushroom
Diane garlic, worcestershire & cream
Pepper green peppercorns & cream
Parmigiana topped with napolitana sauce, eggplant, mozzarella & parmesan cheese (add $1.90)
Saltimbocca topped with cream sauce, ham & cheese (add $1.90)
King sauce topped with king prawns & diane sauce (add $3.90)